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Great article Scott. I too have felt the personal impact of overwork and of strained teamwork as a result of globally distributed teams. The idea of leveling the playing field by “remoting” your own office is a great one. Another benefit you hadn’t mentioned: With this practice, when you visit even the “home office” team face-to-face, the tendency will be to make the time count, spending quality face time instead of just being on site but in meetings all day or at your desk answering email. You might even do more managing by wandering around! A good thing.

I have 3 questions, and will have to put them in 3 different comments. My first one: Concerning #2, “satellite your own office”… How do you answer the CEO who resides at headquarters and wants you to be there too just in case he or she wants to talk with you at any moment? And what about your peers (perhaps the head of marketing or operations) who are already at headquarters and also need to meet with you regularly?