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Thursday, 03 January 2013 23:27

Build Your Professional Brand

by Helen Fu Thomas, Principal

I was first introduced to LinkedIn in 2005.  Soon after a reduction in force at my company, one of my laid-off subordinates asked for my endorsement.  In order to do her this well-deserved favor, I had to sign-up and create my account on LinkedIn; then I pretty much forgot about it.  I had a one-track mind in my career, and I felt that LinkedIn was just a “distractAion”.  If I wasn’t looking for a job, why did I need it?  And then my perception changed as I realized it’s a great professional network where creditable information and mutual respect can be shared.

What I liked about LinkedIn as a useful tool was its starting profile template with an output looking like a well-designed document.  Once I discovered that, I did an experiment and pulled together a presentable PDF to use as curriculum vitae(CV) with endorsements from people with whom I had worked.  It was fun getting in touch with people with whom I had not spoken for a while, and learning their perspectives.  It brought tears and laughs.

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Friday, 09 November 2012 17:04

What's Your Brand?

by Helen Fu Thomas, Principal

It is reported that the US presidential campaign cost $6 billion, with over a million ads.  And the election came down to county-by-county results that showed the demographics and votes (blue vs. red) in fine detail.

 The question that came to my mind was this: What corporate brand would run a commercial campaign like the ones in this election, with the massive scale of spending and coverage?   Would any Chief Executive travel through 4 states per day, meeting people and shaking their hands?  And behind the scenes, would analysts look at all points of sales in stores of each county, tune the messaging to the targeted audience, and have forecasts of sales down to the hundreds, tens or single units? 

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by Andy McCaskey, Principal

If you have not given executive thought to trends in media and entertainment, that oversight might be a mistake. Video and audio production and distribution are radically changing as devices and consumer tastes undergo both revolutionary and evolutionary change. Monitoring and controlling how these new forms of information flow affect your brand is essential.

 We are talking about “New Media”, defined as informal content that is being increasingly produced and consumed by both external and internal audiences either on-duty or off-duty. The term characterizes access to the river of information that flows around us in both professional and entertainment streams outside of traditional media channels such as trade press, radio and television. 

Created on anything from new low-cost professional gear to tablet or smartphone, New Media augments and in some cases replaces traditional communications content and channels. Generational lines and preferences blur the lines between personal vs. enterprise information and professional vs. entertainment streams, while the “Bring Your Own Device” terminal flexibly displays content interchangeably in both roles.

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