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by Andy McCaskey, Principal

Are you keeping Social Media and New Media in separate compartments in strategic and tactical planning?

You could lose traction in both, with the result that you do not get the full benefit from your investment in the rapidly-growing global phenomena of New Media and Social Media.  If you consider these new communications tools as building blocks within important parts of your business engine, your strategic marketing investment will go a lot further. As you align your own New Media processes and activities, you will gain new insight into the maturity of competitors and be able to assess how well they deploy these new tools to strategic advantage.

As I pointed out in my last post, Social Media channels use various internet based platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Plus (Google+), Pinterest, and Instagram. What information gets shared over various social media platforms?  It is same content and conversations that were shared among friends, business associates, and acquaintances ten, thirty or fifty years ago.  Even if a particular social media (Somed) tool has been available only a few years or months, it is effective because it is  "Word of Mouth" from a trusted source, extended across a social graph with vastly extended geographic and temporal boundaries.

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