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Friday, 14 December 2012 23:19

How To Grow Your Market

by Scott S. Elliott, Founder and CEO

Has your business growth flattened or even decayed in your market, and no amount of marketing or sales seems to be able to help it? What do you do?  Develop new solutions for this market? Try to enter adjacent markets? Here is a process that we have seen used successfully in a number of different technology companies to recharge growth in revenue and profits.

 Start with re-examining the Mission and Vision of your company.  Why does your company exist, and what would it look like in 5 years if it was more successful in fulfilling that Mission? Don’t accept some generic statement like “to increase shareholder value.” Your Mission statement should be unique to your company, and not apply just the same to General Motors, Apple Computer, or Mrs. Fields Cookies. What will you NOT do?

The Mission and Vision statements give you the framework to take the next steps, illustrated below: 

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