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by Larry Pendergrass, Principal 

Tenet #2: Think in sprints

In my last blog, “Tenet #1: Align the organization”, I discussed the need to align the organization in two ways:

  • Align with information to motivate for the needed change, and
  • Align with structural changes, reporting, roles, responsibilities and metrics to make your pipeline faster.

Alignment of the organization in both information/motivation and structure is critical to moving faster. Don’t make the mistake of false economics that has hurt so many companies, that a lower cost product development engine with higher utilization of all resources is best for the company. In the end, this choice will slow you down, and slower projects will cost you far more in lifetime gross profit than a so-called efficient and highly utilized organization will save you in project cost.

Friday, 08 May 2015 16:49

Ten Tenets of Fast Projects

by Larry Pendergrass, Principal 

Blog #1 of 10 – Introduction and Tenet #1


The business world is moving faster than ever, and every company is challenged to keep up with, or even surpass the competition in delivering great products . Market windows come and go more quickly. Technology inflection points arrive with ever increasing frequency, and provide opportunities to lose or gain significant market share. The total lifecycle of essentially every type of product is shrinking, with the end of life usually out of the hands of the provider, and driven by customer choices. No matter how fast you are now, no matter how many improvements in speed you have made, if you are to survive as a business you must continue to increase the speed of new product introductions. You must improve in identifying a need, innovating to produce the best solution to that need with a clear competitive contribution, and then delivering that solution to the market place.

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