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by Larry Pendergrass, Principal 

Tenet #9: Communicate the purpose and status

It is my opinion that, for any kind of robust project management, there is little chance of over-communicating to your team and your sponsors. Far more likely, you and your team are under-communicating, and it’s hurting your sponsorship and reducing the sense of urgency and therefore the speed of your projects. However, not all communication methods are equivalent. Communication must be a light burden on the team, and has the right material targeted for those consuming the information. It must be tailored for the audience intended and more often than not it should be simple and concise, requiring little time for others to pull the essential elements out of the communication vehicle. Some of your communications should be visible at all times as admonished by lean practices, but not all.

Reasons for communicating
There are three major reasons for frequent communications:

  • To generate buy-in
  • To generate synchronization
  • To generate feedback 

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