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by Larry Pendergrass, Principal 

Tenet #8: Monitor buffers and queues

Monitoring buffers and queues of active products under development in your system is extremely important for speed. I will first show how taking advantage of project buffers can assure an aggressive project and on-time delivery, and then show how to monitor and react to growing queues at the front of process centers in your product development factory.

Monitoring Buffers

Building an accurate project plan must take into account the complex psychologies of your team members; in particular, their necessity to overstate the time needed to complete a task can reduce schedule predictability and slow the project. This tendency is due in part to the way leaders have responded in the past to late tasks, and how team members have suffered if they underestimated the task length. Punitive actions for tardiness communicate to the teams (perhaps without leaders realizing it) that “schedule accuracy is more important than project speed”. To create a faster organization, leaders need to find a way to give the opposite message: “speed is more important that schedule accuracy”, and then reward the team accordingly.

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