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Workshop: Supply Chain Management for High-Mix Products

High-volume manufacturers compete on the basis of supply chain management effectiveness. Low- and medium-volume, high-mix manufacturers can take advantage of many of these techniques, with some critical differences.

This module teaches techniques for lowering cost and speeding delivery for high-mix, low volume products and systems.

TechZecs, LLC offers a one-day training workshop for Operations and Supply Chain Executives on how to compete on the basis of supply chain management effectiveness. This workshop is in the form of thought provoking exercises and best practice sharing.

Workshop Outline:

  • Supplier selection and outsourcing
  • Supplier performance and metrics
  • Contract negotiation and supplier relationships
  • Measures of program success
  • Inventory optimization and inventory cost minimization
  • Uncertainty in the Supply Chain and what to do about it
  • Risk identification and reduction
  • The key role of new product design processes
  • Postponement enabled designs

Benefits to Attendees:

  • Understand how to apply techniques for lowering inventory, reducing cost and speeding delivery for high-mix products.
  • Learn how lessons from Supply Chain Management can be applied to new product development processes to speed time to introduction.


This workshop is designed for 8 to 15 participants and can be completed in 1 or 2 days.

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Dr. Scott S. Elliott
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