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Workshop: Mission and Vision

The foundation for any business or group is a clear understanding of the Mission . Get the foundation right and the structure goes together well. Get it wrong, and you’ll be sorry. In this workshop, we clarify your group’s Mission and paint a compelling Vision of life in the group when the Mission is fulfilled.

Why is it so hard to get your team moving in the same direction? You have spent serious money on communications and project management software; you’ve trained on collaboration; you’ve held offsite planning meetings; and you still find that people are not working toward the common goals you have articulated. What is missing? Do you have a company Mission and Vision that is clear and that instills passion in all your employees? It is, after all, a person’s beliefs and passions that drive their behavior. What do you call those people without passion in your organization: Morale problems and low performers? In today’s business world, speed defines success. Do not let lack of passion slow your company to a crawl.

TechZecs LLC has a proven and robust process for developing a Mission and Vision for your company: one that will give passion, motivation, and alignment to your entire team. If you have current statements of your direction, but you are not getting the desired results, then you need to start at square one. If you do not currently have Mission and Vision statements, then you are missing one of the essential elements of highly successful organizations and leadership.

Our one-day workshop provides an overview of the process for developing Mission and Vision statements. It is designed for executives and professionals who are the leaders of your company. The workshop will take you through the process together and by the conclusion you will have a Mission and Vision that will align and drive your team to new levels of success.


Workshop Outline:

  • The Need for Speed
  • Barriers to Speed
  • Human Behavior Drivers
  • What Instills Passion?
  • Defining Mission and Vision
  • Examples from Highly Successful Companies
  • Exercise in Developing Mission and Vision Statements
  • Next Steps – Building a Strategy Aligned with the Mission and Vision


Benefits to Attendees:

  • An Understanding of What Drives Behavior
  • An Understanding of Why Mission and Vision are Essential to Success
  • An Understanding of the Elements of a Great Mission and Vision Statement
  • A Mission Statement
  • A Vision Statement
  • A Framework of Aligning your Strategy to your Mission and Vision
  • A Team that Has Passion



The workshop is open to a class size of 8 to 25 people.

Corporate Headquarters:

TechZecs, LLC
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Principal and Founder

Dr. Scott S. Elliott
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