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Workshop: Value Proposition Workshop

When you understand a target customer segment and their unmet needs, the next step is to develop a complete and compelling value proposition to meet those needs – not just a technology.

How do technology companies achieve high growth and profit? By providing very high-value solutions for unmet or poorly-met customer needs. Many companies are excellent at developing and delivering technology, however very few are even adequate at discovering unmet needs and converting those needs into sufficient value to delight their customers with solutions which capture their markets. Studies have shown that a very disproportionate percent of profits go to the companies that are first to market with dominant products. A necessary step in becoming a market leader is to discover the most compelling value propositions to meet customers’ unmet needs.

TechZecs, LLC has a proven and robust process for using your knowledge of customers’ unmet needs to develop value propositions for each customer segment your company serves. This process is tuned for the needs of high-tech systems groups (hardware, software and services) and takes advantage of the best practices in the world for discovering and prioritizing customer requirements.

Our two-day workshop provides an overview of this process. It is designed for professionals who call upon customers to develop relationships and learn about customer needs, including sales managers, inbound marketing professionals and executives. It is also highly valuable for product development executives and project managers.

Workshop Outline:

  • Rational Customer Segmentation
  • Requirements Map
  • Elements of a Value Proposition
  • Examples of Value Propositions
  • Exercise in Developing Value Propositions
  • Competitive Analysis

Benefits to Attendees:

  • A validated customer segment mapping
  • A deep understanding of customers’ unmet needs and their priorities
  • Comparison of your solutions with your competitors in meeting these requirements
  • A much more complete team understanding of the customer’s environment and challenges
  • An understanding of the elements of a value proposition statement
  • A set of value propositions to act upon
  • A clear direction for product development and marketing messages


The workshop is open to a class size of 8 to 15 people.

Corporate Headquarters:

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Principal and Founder

Dr. Scott S. Elliott
Telephone: +1.415.830.5520

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