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Workshop: Design for Outsourcing

Outsource manufacturing is the latest trend to build and deliver products faster and cheaper, but these advantages can be lost if the product is not designed for outsourcing.

If not planned and executed carefully, outsourcing can be a disaster e.g., late deliveries, poor quality, unhappy customers, missed sales, high inventories, etc. Planned and executed well, outsourcing can be a competitive advantage ‘trump card’.

The decision to outsource is a strategic one, and must be well planned and executed.

Many OEM’s are moving in this direction in order to create more organizational focus on product and market strategies, to create a more variable cost structure, and to reduce their asset base. This workshop will help your engineers to understand the issues associated with outsourcing and to modify their designs appropriately. It will also help your project managers to modify the NPI process for outsourced products.

TechZecs, LLC offers a one-day training workshop for engineers and project managers on how to plan and execute a successful outsourcing new product introduction. This workshop is in the form of thought provoking exercises and best practice sharing.

Workshop Outline:

  • Benefits, Risks & Pitfalls of outsourcing
  • How to conduct an Outsourcing Readiness Assessment - goals, strengths, weaknesses and best opportunities for improvement
  • Impact of outsourcing on the Cost, Quality, Delivery, and Asset Base of the OEM
  • How to design hardware and software with outsource manufacturing in mind.

Benefits to Attendees:

  • A deeper understanding of NPI process implications: the launch of a new product at a CM will require new processes and the involvement of the CM early in the life cycle.
  • Best practices for teams to design hardware and software with outsourced manufacturing in mind.


This workshop is designed for 8 to 12 participants and can be completed in eight hours.

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