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Technology Due Diligence

TechZecs Principals are practiced in assessing high-tech companies for technological success. Our Due Diligence studies include:

For High-Tech Hardware and Systems:

  • Technical Feasibility - Will the technology work?
  • Manufacturability - Can it be made in sufficient volumes?
  • Testing - What is their test process and how does it assure acceptable and reliable solutions?
  • Cost effectiveness - Can it be made cheaply enough?
  • Commercializability - Will the products fill a compelling need and sell?
  • Documentation - Can it be reproduced if the key people leave?
  • Outsourcability - Can it be outsourced for cost and logistics advantages?
  • New Product Introduction Processes - Are they effective and efficient?
  • IP - What is the state of IP? What are the barriers to competition?
  • Prototyping capabilities - Are they rapid and effective?
  • Inbound Marketing Processes - Can they define Market Requirements and Solution Requirements adequately?
  • Outbound Marketing Processes - How effective is the MarCom?
  • Sales Channel Strategy - How are they selling or planning to sell their solutions?
  • Engineering support and tools - Does the support plan work and match the Acquirer?
  • Supplier Management - How do they manage key suppliers and partners?
  • Parts processes - How do they qualify and manage commodities and components?
  • Delivery - What is their on-time delivery record? What goes wrong?
  • etc.


For Software and Internet Companies:

  • Value Proposition - Is it compelling?
  • Software Architecture - Who designs the process and where?
  • Coding - Where is it done? What is the Software Maturity?
  • Control - What tools and processes are used to control the code?
  • IP - What is the state of IP? What are the barriers to competition?
  • Quality - What are the debugging and QA processes? How is Quality assured?
  • User Interface - Is it SOTA and natural?
  • Platforms - What is the platform strategy? Open Source? WinTel? Mac?
  • Deployment - ASP or in-house server strategy? SaaS? B2B? etc.
  • etc.


Other Merger and Acquisition Integration Services:

Corporate Headquarters:

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Principal and Founder

Dr. Scott S. Elliott
Telephone: +1.415.830.5520

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