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Michael Flynn

Mike Portrait v2Global Innovation Management | Emerging Technology & Product/Service Innovation | Technology Transfer to Business | Partner Ecosystem Development & Management | Business & Organization Transformation | Crowd Sourcing & IP Rights Management

Michael Flynn is an accomplished leader of teams and organizations in defining and creating the future. Michael brings over 25 years of proven success in global innovation and program management, business and technology strategy guidance, product/service R&D, organizational transformation, strategic partner management, consulting, and software engineering. He champions & drives the collaborative creation and implementation of bespoke innovation strategies, culture and best practices to accelerate new product growth, revenue and profit. He drives synergy across global organizations to leverage inspiration, ideas, intent and commitment across companies and organizations to capture value from innovation on a global scale. A hallmark of his work is delivering clear and actionable plans for achieving results.


Highlights of his portfolio include:

  • Forged strategic partnership network to realize 100% growth of SAP’s Co-Innovation Lab while securing multi-$M venturing investments; Delivered breakthroughs in IPR sharing agreements; Orchestrated global solution development employing innovative technologies and business models.
  • Spearheaded development of visionary Software Integration Playbook as a foundation for aligning cross-LOB Product / DevOps strategies; Instrumental in transformation of SAP’s engineering organization (10,000+) and processes across the complete software/product lifecycle.
  • Directed reinvention of a Partner Portfolio Management model & system, reducing planning times from months to weeks covering 100s of $M in partner-generated revenue; Drove co-innovation and implementation of repeatable processes & tools, including metrics (e.g., time to value, economic impact and risk); Ensured alignment across Ecosystem EVP, CTO, and LOB & Field executives.
  • Orchestrated co-development of the strategy and roadmap for Pirelli/Telecom Italia’s Business & IT transformation, integrating two LOBs into a shared services organization; Advised on blueprint for building a more cohesive and collaborative culture to deliver enhanced customer experience.
  • Empowered SBC Communications to become a first mover in the multi-$B local long-distance market; Directed left-brain and right-brain teamwork across ideation, development and implementation of an innovative business model and technology-enabled solution; Cultivated strategic partner relationships and drove customer-focused solution collaboration.
  • Invested C-level customers with the ability to quantitatively assess IT’s ability to support and sustain business agility; Inspired global team to develop and commercialize an industry-leading consulting service; Recruited expertise from academic research partners to co-develop and implement robust metrics & their supporting algorithms for calculation and visualization
  • Advised C-level executives at start-ups with business plans; Captured 1st and 2nd round investment funding worth multiple $millions.
Michael holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mathematics, has performed advanced studies in computer science, and possesses teaching credentials. He has been a guest lecturer for eMBA programs at UC Berkeley and St. Mary’s College of California. He has served as a panel member for the Chief Innovation Officer Roundtable, coordinated by the Haas Business School at UC Berkeley. He is an active member of the thought-leading Berkeley Innovation Forum.
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