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Workshop: Calling on Executive Customers

Carefully planned executive visits with specific objectives can be highly effective and productive when the participants are properly trained. Yes – executives and account managers can be trained to maximize the value of meetings with their counterparts at the customer site.

If not planned and executed carefully, meetings with executive customers can do far more harm than good. Just like you, executive customers are extremely busy and not very patient with poorly-planned meetings with no specific purpose – or worse, meetings with hidden sales agendas. In an effort to offer value for such calls, executives or account managers often make vague or undeliverable promises or suggest “partnerships” that cannot be consummated.

TechZecs, LLC offers a one-day training workshop for executives and professionals on how to plan and conduct a high-level customer call. This workshop is in the form of training and practice sessions with fellow executives.

Workshop Outline:

  • Pitfalls of high-level customer visits
  • Defining the purpose of the meeting
  • Visit preparation
    • Understanding the customer issues beforehand
    • Bringing in the right people
    • Outcome scenario planning
    • Drafting the introduction
  • Starting the meeting
  • Listening and Probing (with roll-playing practice sessions)
    • Moderating the conversation
    • Open-ended questioning techniques
    • Probing for pain
    • Note taking
  • Concluding the meeting
  • Follow-up

Benefits to Attendees:

  • Each participant will develop much stronger skills at planning and conducting meetings and on making calls on executive customers and partners.
  • Each participant will learn how to assign roles and conduct just-in-time training for others on his/her call team.


This workshop is designed for 8 to 12 participants and can be completed in eight hours.

Corporate Headquarters:

TechZecs, LLC
1730 Kearny Street,
Suite F-3
San Francisco,  California
94133 USA

Principal and Founder

Dr. Scott S. Elliott
Telephone: +1.415.830.5520

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