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Workshop: Transforming a Start-Up into a Profitable Growth Company

Startup technology companies thrive on great ideas and long hours to meet scheduled milestones and investor expectations. However, when a certain size and organizational complexity occurs, individual founders and managers can no longer expect to meet critical growth needs without introducing stable business policies and processes. Many companies fail because they do not take steps to replace heroics with proven, robust processes. In this module, we will learn a straight forward and logical way for such companies to add the needed process infrastructure and take the next step to profitable growth.


TechZecs, LLC offers training, consulting and interim management to any new technology company that needs to make the transformation to a growing and profitable enterprise. The major steps to transformation are:

  • Articulate a Mission statement and a shared Vision for success
  • Segment the potential customers and develop a profound understanding of the needs in each segment
  • Construct Value Propositions (including competitive analysis) for the most important segments
  • Develop a Technology Roadmap and a Product and Service Portfolio that meet the Value Propositions
  • Build or improve Engineering and Business Plans to match the timing and deliverables of the Technology Roadmap and Value Proposition. The plans will include building infrastructure, quality systems (ISO9000) etc.
  • Develop a set of Planning, Execution and Review Processes with feedback and accountability that keep the business on-track.


Your company may be doing some or all of these things in a piecemeal fashion, but there are many pitfalls that can be avoided by bringing in seasoned experts from TechZecs on an advisory or interim management basis. We have collected best-in-class processes for each of the six steps outlined above, and we can tailor each process to your level of complexity and need. We can train or lead your management team through each step in a logical and complete way, or we can manage the change more directly on an interim basis.

Each step will bring your company closer to becoming a lean technology machine that runs and grows without relying on individual heroics, market luck and ultra-long work hours.


The workshop is open to a class size of 8 to 25 people.

Corporate Headquarters:

TechZecs, LLC
1730 Kearny Street,
Suite F-3
San Francisco,  California
94133 USA

Principal and Founder

Dr. Scott S. Elliott
Telephone: +1.415.830.5520

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