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Workshop: Customer Segmentation

Many companies segment their customers in the wrong way, causing a mismatch in developing winning solutions, creating the right marketing message, and targeting the right customers. We teach the right way to segment customer, by common unmet needs.

Do your new products sometimes fail to deliver sufficient value to your customers? Do they fall short of market acceptance goals and sales forecasts? Are your marketing and advertising programs less effective than you expected? Do customers complain about your training and support services? Do you have the information needed to pick the optimum product features, distribution channels, pricing strategy, and communication media? These issues are symptoms of poor customer segmentation.

TechZecs LLC has a proven and robust process for identifying meaningful customer segments for your company. Armed with customer segment information, you can then dig for the nuggets and uncover customer needs and preferences. You can design the right features at the right target prices. You can choose services and support that meets the needs of each segment. You can optimally match sales and distribution channels and advertising media. You can be the product innovators and marketing power house that your competitors will wish they could become.

Our one-day workshop provides an overview of the process for creating a Customer Segmentation Map. It is designed for managers and professionals who are product line managers and product development strategists in your company. The workshop will take them through the process together and by the conclusion you will have a Customer Segmentation Map that will help you develop new insights into your customers and drive new levels of success.

Workshop Outline:

  • Why is it important to understand customer segmentation?
  • What makes a meaningful customer segment?
  • How do you develop an initial segmentation map?
  • Exercise to create customer segmentation.
  • How do you test for validity?
  • When do you need to update your customer segmentation map?

Benefits to Attendees:

  • Understanding of meaningful customer segmentation and why it is important.
  • You will know a process for develop segmentation maps.
  • An initial customer segmentation to start testing, using, and improving.


The workshop is open to a class size of 8 to 15 people.

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