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Workshop: Aligning Strategy and Operations

Are you frustrated by the slow progress being made toward strategic objectives? Do parts of your company seem to work on a different set of projects and to different priorities and timelines? Are you sometimes surprised to learn where money is being spent in your organization? Do you feel that you have to give specific directions on too many details to too many of your employees just to keep the organization moving? Is your day filled with “herding the chickens?”

This module teaches techniques for aligning the strategic plans of the organization to the day to day operations and goals of each individual. Leadership is not all charisma. It also has process elements which can be learned and institutionalized.

TechZecs, LLC offers a three-day training workshop for executives and professionals on the process aspects of leadership that will allow you to concentrate on your company’s mission, vision, strategy, and customers, rather than the day to day operations and herding activities. This workshop is in the form of thought provoking exercises and best practice sharing.


Workshop Outline:

  • Mission , vision, strategy, and customers – the work of leaders
  • Operational objectives and key results
  • Individual performance improvement objectives
  • The need for a process to align the levels of goals in an organization
  • Hierarchical planning and goal setting processes
  • The role of metrics and rewards – the carrot does no good, if it is at the wrong end of the horse
  • Iteration and review and repetition

Benefits to Attendees:

  • Leaders will identify and understand the source of their frustrations
  • Learn new ideas on how to build strong organizational alignment with appropriate (and much lower) levels of personal involvement and direction
  • Develop a framework and template for a planning process to install in your own company
  • Understand how to design metrics that compliment the strategy, planning and goal setting process
  • Have a calendar for a yearly process cycle


The workshop is open to a class size of 8 to 15 people.

Corporate Headquarters:

TechZecs, LLC
1730 Kearny Street,
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San Francisco,  California
94133 USA

Principal and Founder

Dr. Scott S. Elliott
Telephone: +1.415.830.5520

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